How to Adopt or Sponsor

1. Adoption
  • You must be a resident of Aklan, Philippines
  • Please make an appointment for a visit by email
  • Bring 2 valid IDs
  • Sign the AARRC adoption agreement
  • Adoption fee is P500 (or more if you like) - see below
2. Sponsorship or Donations
  • Send an email to with the name of the animal of your choice, your email address and full name
  • Arrange for a monthly transfer of EUR 5 (or more)
  • After receipt of your first donation we will send your login details


    Bank transfer: (this is free within the EU):
    The Albert Foundation
    Delfgauw, The Netherlands
    ING Bank
    Bijlmerplein 888
    1102 MG Amsterdam
    IBAN: NL47INGB0004452444

Please sponsor or donate,
Thank You!!!
Why do we charge an adoption fee?

Obviously, the adoption fee nowhere near covers the expenses that AARRC spend on any of our residents. Think of the medical care they receive, the food, the spay/neuter or the vaccinations, as well as the cost of housing. However, international research by e.g. Humane Society International and WSPA have led these organisations to recommend to ALWAYS CHARGE an adoption fee. This deters the occasional animal abuser that might pretend to be a good samaritan and get the animal for free. In the Philippines, no matter how revolting this may sound, there are still those that eat dog meat and torture the animals before they die as they believe the adrenaline adds taste. You'll understand that we do EVERYTHING to ensure our animals don't fall into the wrong hands.

Please note that our Adoption Agreements grants us the right to visit the animal at any time and ANY ABUSE WILL BE REPORTED to the Philippine National Police as animal cruelty under the Philippine Animal Welfare Act R8485.

When you sponsor ...
You are actively supporting a dog or cat in need!

You receive a login so you can see all about your animal, like photos and current medical status

You receive a notification when a new photo is added